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First Aid and CPR Training in Upland, CA

When someone suffers a heart attack, nobody can afford to waste time. If an emergency situation happens, are you prepared to take action? By taking the training programs through All Star Safety Training, LLC, you will become an asset to your home, your workplace, and your community. We host classes focusing on first aid and CPR training in Upland, CA. Attend our classes, learn new skills, and gain the power to save lives.

Learn useful skills under the supervision of our professional instructors. Members of our training crew are experienced and trained in a variety of CPR and first aid techniques. Under our guidance, you will learn the right skills and have confidence in knowing they will be useful in the real world.

We offer training programs that are designed to be taken in groups. Please note that we have a minimum enrollment of 10 persons per CPR or first aid training course. Enrollment is $65.00 per person.

CPR Training - Adult & Pediatric CPR Classes

Learn CPR and Save Lives

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation can provide precious time that gives heart attack victims a fighting chance. Our CPR certification courses include extensive instruction and practical training. Here, you will learn about what causes heart attacks and identify the signs of their occurrence. Then, you will learn and practice CPR techniques. Upon successful completion of the course, you will gain CPR certification.

Our CPR classes will teach you how to perform the techniques on cardiac arrest victims of different ages. There are also specialized, pediatric CPR classes, which are particularly useful for professionals in the childcare and youth education sectors.

First Aid Training Available

When accidents happen, every moment makes a difference. Knowing first aid can make a difference. Learn how to save lives and become an asset at home and your workplace. We host first aid certification courses. In these classes, you will learn how to identify common injuries and emergencies–and what you can do to assist. You will learn how to recognize and treat:

• Shock
• Bleeding
• Choking
• Stopped Breathing

• Broken Limbs
• Poisoning
• Cuts, Scrapes, and Blisters
• Burns


You will also gain familiarity with the following concepts and their associated skills:

Situational Awareness
Identifying First Aid Cases
Responding to Emergency Situations and “Hurry Cases”
First Aid Skills and Applications
First Aid Supply and Equipment Training

Contact us to sign up for our CPR or first aid training courses. We are located in Upland, CA, and serve the surrounding area.