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Advance Your Career with Our Off-Site Forklift Training Center in Upland, CA

All Star Safety Training, INC, empowers you to advance your career or start a new one by learning to operate heavy-duty vehicles at our off-site forklift training center in Upland, CA. Our specialists instruct you in handling forklift equipment safely and efficiently. This is a booming career field in a range of industries, from manufacturing to shipping and warehousing.

Our skilled team delivers effective, thorough, and practical instruction in forklift operator certification. Most classes last only one day, and the credentials are valid for a whole year. No prior experience is necessary. Contact All Star Safety Training, INC, to learn more. All certification and training courses include extensive classroom instruction, including:

  • Lectures
  • Safety Presentations
  • Q&A Session
  • Written Exam

Thorough Forklift Instruction

Safety comes through knowledge. Thanks to our commitment to excellent instruction at our full-service forklift training facility, you learn the skills you need to do your job and comply with regulations. Our safety and handling certification assure your well-being and that of your co-workers.

You can take a range of comprehensive stand-up forklift certification courses as well as first-aid and CPR training. OSHA-required training is available too, and we can conduct that at your workplace. Participants must be at least 18 years old. Our classes include:

• Class I Standup
• Class I Electric Sit-Down
• Class II Standup/Reach
• Class II Order Puller
• Class III Electric Pallet Jack Training
• Class IV Propane Sit-Down

Classroom Interior - Stand Up Forklift Training Upland CA

Hands-On Instruction

We don’t just deal with theoretical education. After you write your exam, you receive a hands-on performance evaluation. By learning from our patient and attentive training instructors, you gain the forklift skills you need—and employers can find new workers. Our strong network of certified forklift operators is sure to satisfy.

All Star Safety Training, INC, offers discounted rates on many of our courses to allow enrollees of all experience levels easy access to a higher skillset. Our special offers include $5 off any one certification, $15 off any two, and all certifications for $100. Please note that these rates may end without prior notice. These are our current rates, which include hands-on training:

• Class I Electric Sit-Down with Photo License: $35*
• Class II Order Puller: $20
• Class II Standup/Reach: $20

• Class III Electric Pallet Jack: $20
• Class IV Propane Sit-Down: $20
• Training Materials: $5

(*Required Course before Adding Any or All Other Courses)

Special Offers

Our special offers are listed below. Please note that these rates may end without prior notice.

• Add One Certification: $5 Off
• Add Any Two Certifications: $15 Off

• Get All Certifications: $100


Contact All Star Safety Training, INC, and learn more about our range of forklift courses. Discover the skills you need today!

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