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Your First Choice for First Aid and CPR Training in Upland, CA

Are you ready to take action during an emergency? Being prepared for the unexpected could make all the difference when it comes to saving a life. Here at All Star Safety Training, we provide high-quality First Aid and CPR training in Upland, CA, to give you the necessary skills to be an asset in your community, workplace, or home. Our First Aid and CPR classes provide you with the skills and power to save lives.

Courses at All Star Safety Training are taught by professional instructors with experience and training in a variety of First Aid and CPR techniques. Under our guidance, you’ll learn how to use your safety skills confidently in real-world scenarios.

Please note that our programs are designed to be taken by groups, with a minimum enrollment of 10 people per course. Enrollment costs $65 per person.

CPR Training - Adult & Pediatric CPR Classes

CPR Training

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in America. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can create precious extra time, providing heart attack victims with a fighting chance. Our CPR certification courses offer extensive instruction, education, and hands-on training related to the causes and signs of heart attacks. After acquiring this knowledge, you’ll learn and practice the most recent CPR techniques for helping cardiac arrest victims of all ages. We even provide specialized training for pediatric CPR, which is especially beneficial for professionals in the youth education and childcare sectors. Upon successful completion of the course, participants are awarded CPR certification.

First Aid Training

Every moment matters after an accident. Therefore, the ability to perform CPR efficiently is a crucial skill for everyone. Our First Aid certification courses teach you to identify common emergencies and injuries—and what you can do to help. We’ll teach you to recognize and treat:

• Shock
• Bleeding
• Choking
• Stopped Breathing

• Broken Limbs
• Poisoning
• Cuts, Scrapes, & Blisters
• Burns


Our CPR classes will also help you gain familiarity with a wide range of concepts and associated skills, including:

Situational Awareness
First Aid Case Identification
Responding to Emergency Situations & “Hurry Cases”
First Aid Skills & Applications
First Aid Supply & Equipment Training

Contact us today to register for CPR and First Aid training. We are based in Upland, CA, and proudly serve the surrounding areas.